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Mike Granich

mike granich technolocheese story about us
Hi! My name is Mike Granich and I love technology, software, gears, gadgets, and cryptocurrencies.

I grew up around my ‘nerdy’ engineering parents who work in high tech start-ups and space engineering businesses. They taught me everything I know, from destructing the latest phones to playing around with drones and telescopes, writing thousands of lines of code and investing in cryptocurrencies.

After leaving the comfort of my parents home, I went on to study Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at MIT and I worked for The Next Web where I learned the ins-and-outs of creating optimized content and the creation of awesome websites (like this one!).

Finally, I decided to follow my dream and started to review and featured the things I truly love and focus on trading Cryptocurrencies and learning Blockchain. Here you'll read more about my story in creating Technolocheese.

I’m born to take things apart, put them back together and add some (code or whatnot). I breathe and live tech and can’t wait to teach you more on all of my favorite technolo-cheesy subjects!

Want to hang-out and tell me about the latest trends you’ve discovered or a product you engineered? Shoot me a message here and I might feature it (only time-machines please)!